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Trendy Fashion If you love trendy, funny, statement T shirts that gets you noticed then you’ll love Navdari! Is there something happening in the news or in pop culture that has grabbed the world’s attention? Have you spotted something funny trending on Twitter? We react quickly to the things that we see people around the world shouting about and design funny, Exclusive graphic tee on the topic as quickly as the very next day!
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B*tch better have my money! It is Rihanna That is how it is called the latest Rihanna's single. She sometimes is titled as new Madonna, because racently becoming more popular and has more fans on Facebook than Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus. [1]  So make sure to check video here.  You want to be cool? Take a look at this Rihanna's badass Tshirts below.   Get Tshirts here   You want to know more about Rihanna? So then were are moving to Barbadian girl biography, a bit of discography and filmography. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in 1988, February 20. Artist mostly takes Pop, R&B and dance-pop genres, the most successful ones. Of course she also experimented with hip hop, rock and even dubstep genres.   Rihanna's career started early, the first album ''Mu
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Twerk Queen? Why queen? Because she got popular after twerking half naked in 2013 while performance of  ''Blurred Lines'' with Robin Thicke (check video here). After this move she got 131% procent fan's gain on Facebook and Twitter. Today's facebook page has over 46 millions fans. [1]  You want to boost your twerking skills? Then buy Miley Cyrus T-shirts to get more motivation!                                               Get Tshirts here                                
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